Sunday, 9 December 2007

Another tale for rediscovery

Here's a great find. I have looked for this for years; it used to be shown on TV every Christmas during the 1970's. It is a tremendous animated cartoon version of Oscar Wilde's top short story, "The Selfish Giant". This is another great tale for Advent and Christmas, a tale of conversion and salvation. But you'll have to watch it here in three parts:


bernadette said...

Great isn`t it. Lovely stuff. Not a fluffy rabbit in sight. My children love it. heh heh.

Matt Doyle said...

I used to watch that video a lot as a child. When I stumbled upon it as a teenager it actually made me cry. The video also had a production of the Happy Prince about a swallow who stayed over winter, despite its inevitable death, in order to distribute bits of Gold from a kingly statue to the poor people in need for Christmas.