Sunday, 3 May 2009

Walking on water

Apologies for the quietness of this Blog but, this past week I was in Queensland helping with the Queensland Catholic Homeschoolers Family Camp. What a great grace homeschoolers are! Here was a group of about fourteen families from all over Queensland (and one from New South Wales) who are building another kind of culture to the one prevalent in our societies. A culture which springs from the family itself and bears the hall marks of real humanity and grace. Thanks are due to these spouses and parents who are endeavouring to embrace the whole call which God makes to them through Marriage and, in openness to His will, to form communities of persons which are breathing life, culture and grace into the Church and into society.

The location of the Camp - a Retreat Centre set on the edge of an ancient volcanic crater near the Gold Coast - was idyllic, and the schedule of the week enabled individuals of all ages, families and the Church to be seen for who they truly are. We had Morning Prayer, activities, talks for the different age groups, Holy Mass, games, canoing, bush-walks, Adoration, films, and three excellent meals every day. Thanks especially go to the experienced organisers of this Camp, and thanks too for inviting me to take part in this grace-filled week.

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Anne (aussieannie) said...

Lovely photos Father thank you for sharing. While we were only there on the Thursday we had a memorable day.