Thursday, 10 December 2009

Spirit of the age

Recently, I have been in conversations with a number of young people on the subject of Richard Dawkins, whose secular brief is puzzling many. The comment which I made in these conversations was that Dawkins is a product of this age and, as such, we shouldn't be at all surprised by his approach.
In the contemporary age we have become estranged from the Great Mystery - that God wants us to share His life. In the new, abberative, vision of life, our spirits have been relegated to the domaign of psychology and our bodies have been likened not with God, but with animals. Dawkins proposal is entirely in keeping with this age - that our bodies do not receive life from the Spirit, and that man ceases to live as a person but is engaged in a battle for existence, the desperate search for gain.
With modern rationalism being so opposed to the mystery of man as the image and likeness of God, it is only fitting that this human project should throw up its public advocate. However, Dawkins will not be able to prevent the Wedding from taking place, for our Redeemer is the Bridgroom - the primordial and unique source of human life and love.

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