Tuesday, 10 August 2010

What if ...

What if you learned that in the Church there was a group of people who were were looking, in a commissioned and dedicated way, at how the Gospel and culture can come together, and to develop a vision for the life of the Church today which is based upon that dynamic; would you not be pleased? Just such a thing is taking place right now under the direction of the Holy Father who is inaugurating the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelisation.
So much then, for all those (Catholics) who say that it doesn't matter that people, and especially young people, have no idea who Christ is and who don't come to Mass, saying that these people will find their own route in life. And all those who say how good it is that so many, and especially so many young people, are unhindered by the Church and can give their time and energy to all sorts of social and environmental causes. Or those who applaud the new society; that instead of meeting and engaging with people in essential and apostolic ways, we can now text them and pubilcise ourselves to them on internet networks.

Is there a need for the Gospel to meet culture? Yes, there is. And it will only take place when Catholics accept this reality, and when the Gospel is presented to culture in an audible way.

How wonderful then, that the Holy Father is creating a Council to help engender and enable the Church's primary focus and mission. We should support with prayer, Archbishop Fisichella (pictured) and all those who will work with him, that the gentle, yet life or death, message of the Gospel might be the overriding message in the world today.


bernadette said...

Yes, I'd be interested. Leading a double life can be really draining.

How do we find out who else is on this commission and how can we contact them ?

It sounds very exciting. It's only the word "enable" that worries me slightly. It conjures up a particular image in England and Wales which effectively means "Disenabling".

Fr Richard Aladics said...

Bernadette, I sense that one reason why the Holy Father is creating this Council, is because so many, particularly in Europe, are not engaging with the mission of the Church. The new Council will hopefully help to give focus for the Church, and especially for those who are engaging or wanting to engage with the mission.