Monday, 21 May 2012

Hot off the press

Two years ago, Bishop Julian Porteous, anxiliary bishop in Sydney, published a Maual of Minor Exorcisms for priests, and a small maual of prayers for lay people who are encountering evil spirits. Both of these books have now been published by the CTS in London. I warmly recommend both of these books - the Manual to priests, and the Prayer Book to lay people.
Up till now priests who are not Exorcists have had few resources and little guidance in their ministry of confronting and thwarting evil. This new Manual of Minor Exorcisms places in priests hands a whole understanding of the priest's power over evil spirits, together with a ritual for use in their ordinary pastoral ministry. Powerful prayers have been drawn out of the Tradition and are here offered again to priests, with indications for their appropriate use.
The Prayer Book for those in spiritual affliction contains a whole inventory of prayers, again from the Tradition, and with indications for their appropriate use, which lay people can powerfully use against evil spirits.
Bishop Julian has done the Church, and especially priests, a great service in developing both these resources.    

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