Friday, 14 September 2012

A pristine coast

One of the great attractions of Australia its its pristine coastline, and especially being able to enjoy that coastline from the seaward position. I took every opportunity, when I was in Australia, of getting out on the water. The above photo was taken about 16 months ago when nine seminarians and I took a boat out on Pittwater and crossed to the other side, where we grilled up some fabulous veal t-bones. Here we are drawing the boat up onto the beach - a very apostolic day out!
One of the counsels which I gave to successive year grouos as they prepared for ordination was that, as priests we should make our Eucharistic Lord available for Adoration in our churches, and that we should make ourselves readily available to people in our parishes; available that is for the Sacrament of Absolution and to give spiritual direction. Both these things are easily done and don't require us to do any rushing around, but rather to spend time in our church and in the parish so that people can easily find the Lord and find us. Indeed, this dual availability creates life in a church and in the parish.
Today, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, I offered the Mass for all at the Seminary of the Good Shepherd. Allow Christ's call to keep resonating in your hearts!

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