Friday, 4 May 2007

A great day.

Today is a great day for England and Wales; it is the Feast of our Martyrs. There are forty two Canonised and about two hundred and fifty Beatified Martyrs. The site of the Tyburn in London, one of many throughout the country, at which so many men and women gave their lives for Christ and the Church is a sign of their witness - these men and women spoke for the truth about our country: it is a land which is called to bear the mark of Christ and the Gospel, and it is the Dowry of Our Lady!
Whatever else is going on in England and Wales, this is the truth!

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Anonymous said...

Martyrs Walk 23rd on The Continuity Movement-Miles Jesu for details...procession through the streets of London, ending at Tyburn Convent with Holy Mass at 5.30pm..