Saturday, 19 May 2007

A Reflection on a meeting for delegates for the Eucharistic Congress

One small reflection. I have been on a three-day meeting for delegates (national and diocesan) for the next International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec. How much time did we spend listening to talks? Many. How much time did we spend at 'cocktail receptions'? About two hours. How long were we sycophantically exalting the rather mediocre efforts of the people responsible for writing the Congress hymn? About an hour and a half. How long did we spend in actual Eucharistic Adoration (which is what the whole thing is about)? Approximately ten minutes when we visited the Jesuit Church. If we started with Adoration, and ended with Adoration, everything we do would be focussed on Christ and on his Eucharistic mystery. Even the liturgy might have fallen into place. But instead we focussed on ourselves. I think the local organising committee have some work to do - but that work is the work of prayer before anything else.

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