Thursday, 28 June 2007

Another era ends

Our Lady Mother of Grace House is closing down this summer. This house, where I live, is no longer required in a reorganisation of the Church in Huddersfield which is taking place; I shall be moving to Leeds. Yet for almost three years this house has been a place of prayer, light and grace for many. These images will be a reminder to a lot of people of the many formation and evangelisation events that took place here since Autumn 2004.
The chapel, where so much Adoration and grace has flowed:
The large reception room which hosted many gatherings and many unctious meals:

The atrium-lit upstairs landing with its five bedrooms which have accomodated so many different mission teams:

The homely kitchen - much loved becuase of the conversations and meals which have occasioned so many apostolic events:

The screen in the "cinema of grace" which has been enjoyed by so many groups:

This house, which was in a seriously delapidated state when I moved in, was transformed, as you can see. It enabled me, Fr Julian and other agents of the New Evangelisation to offer so many formation and evangelisation initiatives for young people; the house has been the cause of so many blessings. Is there a possiblity of establishing a new, independent, house of prayer and evangelisation for young people? I would like to do just that - but I need a lot of help. First of all prayer, then people who are committed to such a venture, then financial help, for we would need a property and the means to resource it. So, I put a serious petition before you: can you help me to open a house of prayer and evangelisation for young people?


John Browne said...

I feel very sad that Mother of Grace house is closing. Though I was only there once, I had some very powerful experiences. I remember the Eucharistic healing service very well, and the fellowship we all enjoyed. The cinema of grace was a great resource.

I'll offer a novena for your intentions, Father. I'm just wondering who to - St Jude?

Vincent said...

I'm very sorry to hear about the reorganisations in your area Father. All of us in the Evangelisation School have been praying for you and your parish, after having such a blessed time with you a couple of months ago.

Fr Richard Aladics said...

Even Hippo fell! But we do need a "Craiglodge" in England.

Tomas Z. said...

I've never been Mother of Grace house but from the way you desribe it and from the photos it looks very nice. I think it's a shame.

I'm sure that with God's help, you'll find a new place. I will pray for you Father.

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

i can't see why you would need another house if there is already one going spare?

Fr Richard Aladics said...

Because, as I said, this house is closing down.