Sunday, 1 July 2007

Good bye Mr Blair

Untill fairly recently, those who took an active part in fashioning society for the good of all, and fashioning it in an organic way, communicating and trasmitting both human and Christian values in a way which only they could - was the family. This has been the case down through history - such was the value that society and governments gave to fathers and mothers. The acknowledgment, by Govenments, of the relationship between the family and society down through the ages - with occasional hicups - we find finally enshrined in the Charter of Rights of the Family.
Mr Blair's Government however, has dedicated itself to the destruction of the family - to destroying marriage and to transferring the values of Fatherhood and Motherhood on to itself as the power which determines what values are to be transmitted and how they are to be transmitted. His Government has been aided in this by the neo-pagan media which mocks marriage and the family and teaches falsehood.
Why have they done this? Why have we let them do this?
This Government has condoned abortion, embryo research, stem-cell research, cloning, hybridisation, civil partnerships, gay-adoption. It has introduced sex information and pornography into schools, including primary schools. It has inserted agents of the new pagan orthodoxy into schools as nurses and councellors. It has promoted aggressive contraception drugs and condoms in schools. It has set up councelling centres in the midst of communities so as to diffuse the new orthodoxy. It has introduced the Mental Capacity Act, and tried to introduce the Assisted Dying for the terminally ill Bill. It has flooded so called "third world" countries with condoms. It has condoned and promoted the vastly inflated property market which prevents young couples from housing themselves. It has promoted the building of new housing which is couple-friendly but not family-friendly .... to name but a few. But please do add to this list if you can remember more.
The family, as an organic human reality and a God-given reality, has never been under such threat in this country. The natural anthority and dignity of fathers and mothers has never been denied in this country before. No Government has done so much to change the way we live by tampering with the essential elements of human life and society. We should all realise what is taking place here - as John Paul II did - and seek to release the forces contained within the family. Never before has the Church been called upon to help in this regard. Let us wake up from our apparent slumber!
Good bye Mr Blair.
I'm taking a break now - so I wont be posting for another ten days or so.

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Not apropos the post, but apropos your blog, which I have just discovered, with pleasure, through Ebomania

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