Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Let God act.

The British Parliament seemily cannot; it cannot wait for God to act, nor is it at all concerned that it is pushing God's hand in a dramatic way in the matter of the HFE Bill.
Rather than allow God to lead the progress and development of those things which would supply our needs today, the British Parliament wishes to place its faith in science and scientists who will provide us, in a scheduled and apparently controlled fashion, with mechanisms and technologies for manipulating human life.
We should not be at all surprised because this is the attitude of the Contraceptive Generation. The British Parliament, arguably, is constituted by a very full representation of the Contraceptive Generation. The promoters of the HFE Bill in Parliament are expressing very clearly the contraceptive mentality - to take total control over human life into our own hands, and not to leave any loose ends unattended.
However, the issues at stake in the House of Commons today, or better said, the persons who are at stake because of the proposed HFE Bill, need the support of as many of us as possible. Their fate should not be left to the judgement of the contraceptive mentality pragmatist MPs who are promoting the Bill. Indeed, human life and human nature could never be adequately understood or nurtured by a pragmatic mentality. The HFE Bill should be put not simply before the House of Commons, but before the whole world.
The HFE Bill is a sign of just how deeply our culture and our psychology is impregnated by the contraceptive mentality, seeking to take all human affairs out of God's reach and remove them from his influence.
Prayer and fasting, lobbying and making your voice heard - we all have much to do here.

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