Thursday, 15 May 2008

You are invited ...

On Monday and Tuesday of next week the HFE Bill reaches the "Committee" stage; the final, third Reading is yet to be scheduled.
We are living at an extremely important time for the human race, for our country and for any concept of freedom based upon human dignity. It is up to you and me to place ourselves humbly before God and to ask that He would save us from all evil.
I invite you to spend some of next Monday and Tuesday in prayer and fasting with the intention of asking God to bring his grace to the British nation and its Parliament.
I am holding two Vigils of Prayer and Fasting in my parish on those days:
Monday 19th May.
7.00pm Holy Mass followed by a Rosary for Life, then Adoration and silent time.
9.00 - 10.00pm Holy Hour.
Tuesday 20th May.
7.00am Exposition and Morning Prayer.
8.00am Rosary for Life.
9.00am Divine Mercy.
10.00am Intercession.
11.00am Holy Mass.
My parish of St Brigid's is on Elland Road in south Leeds, LS27 7QR and you will be most welcome to take part in these vigils.

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