Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom

To celebrate the Jubilee year of universities in 2000, Pope John Paul II commissioned a mosaic depicting Mary as Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom. This icon travels to universities around the world, uniting students and staff in our shared faith and pursuit of knowledge. At present the icon is in Sydney and today, Campion College welcomed this gift of the late Holy Father to Catholic Universities and Colleges worldwide.

After the welcoming Ceremony we set the Icon up on the sanctuary of the College Chapel and celebrated Mass. The Icon has was placed in some of our lecture theatres during the day and then, back in the chapel, we prayed the Rosary and Litany in candlelight.

The Icon will stay at the College until Thursday before moving on to be welcomed elsewhere in Sydney. Its presence here on Campus has been received as a grace for us as a Catholic College; not only is it a tangible sign of the immense love which John Paul II had for young people, but, as an icon, it is a portal through which we can encounter Christ and His Mother, Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom. Our College chapel has become a place of renewed encounter with grace. May she confirm the charism of learning and openness to divine Wisdom which Campion College seeks to embrace.

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