Monday, 6 April 2009

Spiritual support

I ask for your spiritual support for the Sydney Congress of the New Evangelisation and its preparation.
Please pray for the Congress, 19th - 26th July 2009, that it will help the Church in Sydney come close to the Heart of Christ and be His witness in the city and beyond. Please support Bishop Porteous' organising Team by praying the Congress into existence, by praying for its protection from any evil, and by praying that all those who God wants to bring together for the Congress will be open to His call.

Full details about the Congress, including Registration, can be found on

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bernadette said...

We will pledge our prayer as a family to help protect this mission. I would also like to encourage any family people reading this to do the same.

Family prayer can be just something very simple to begin with - a night prayer with the children/A decade of the rosary after evening meal (It is amazing how the children do NOT want to go off and watch TV after that... they are suddenly sleepy, tired, wanting to go to bed, or to have one last play outside... honest, I've observed it now over a few years). Then, the one decade easily becomes two when they reach another year and before you know it, a whole mystery is no bother to them. It takes some working at and some little discipline at first, but boy, it works. Family prayer is what has kept me going over the past few years. From seeing the fifteen-month old clutching the multi-coloured wooden rosary and babbling away until she can keep up with the rest of us........... it is a true devotion, no matter how hard many people find it, I wuld have to testify that its simplicity is its charism. Watch a child say it, and you'll understand what I mean. They haven't a clue what they're doing. They just want to be part of it.

THAT is what kept ME going.

Try it. It is simply putting your hand into the hand of Our Lady and asking her to help you understand the life of Her son. easy peasy.

A child can do it.