Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension of Christian attitude is apostolic attitude. This attitude represents both the apostolate and formation for apostolate. This attitude shows the link between being a Christian and witnessing to Christ.
Formation for apostolate means first of all, living in union with Christ, and secondly, ordering our lives in a way which corresponds with a particular vocation.
The apostolate itself means not simply the presence of Christians in the world, but actually proclaiming Christ.
This dimension of Christian attitude is shown in relief by the way in which the secular ascetic denies or makes inconsequential any organic link between one's 'life-style' and one's actual humanity. For secular asceticism, 'living' is simply a sequence of random experiences.
The apostolic attitude Christians speaks of the dignity of human nature and the real greatness of human life: life, presence, witness, when engaged with grace reveal a greater humanity.

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