Saturday, 17 October 2009

Back on tour

During the past two weeks John Pridmore has been on a speaking tour in and around Sydney. Last year, I welcomed John to Campion College on my second day in Australia; what an unexpected joy then to welcome him here again. As part of his tour, John spoke to four hundred young people at "Theology on Tap" in Parramatta and visited Campion College twice. He is pictured below with a group of Campion students after speaking to them about being open to God's Holy Spirit.
Whislt making the distance between the UK and Oz seem, for me, shorter, John's visit was received with evident enthusiasm by all those he encountered. The style of John's message, given through his testimony and personal witness to Christ, is possibly quite innovative in the Catholic world out here. However, young people, as well as the not so young, flocked to hear him at the various venues he spoke at, and his message opened up many hearts.
Finally, following a tradition indicated in his book "From Gangland to Promised Land", I was able to offer suitable hospitality and make John another fine meal.

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