Monday, 12 October 2009

Tales from a Billabong

My entry into Australia has allowed me to see animals which I have never seen before in my life. Just outside Port Macquarie is a small animal park called The Billabong, so on my second morning in the Port I ventured out to see more of the strange fauna of this continent.
Of course there were the ubiquitous and half-intoxicated Koala. I patted and stroked one which seemed to be on a Bromide 'high' and then photographed this mother with her beautiful baby.

We also got a chance to pat and stroke Dingos. I was surprised how small these dogs are - about the size of a fox (and as cunning). As the dingos were receiving the attention of the visitors I made my way to the reptile house, and there, peering at me was a crocodile. It's better to be attacked by a shark than a croc, becuase if one of these gets hold of you there's no coming back! It waited patiently while I photographed the rest of it, under water.

Amongst Australia's huge variety of native snakes is the Taipan - probably the most poisenous snake in the world. And here he is, looking for all the world like a rubber toy!

Finally, after trying to get a good view of the Cassowary I discovered, after exiting the park, that I could get close up to one through a break in the fencing.
The Cassowary is an Emu-type bird that lives exclusively on a peninsula in northern Queensland. As you can see, it is very 'Jurrasic Park' looking, and here's a glimpse of its toes - known for their eviscerating capabilities. This is not a bird that you would want to stumble upon in the jungle.

The one animal which The Billabong did not have was the Platypus - an animal which I will be very interested to see one day.

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