Friday, 16 October 2009

Dylan sings Latin

"Venite adoremus" - probably the most well known Christmas Carol chorus, performed in his own inimitable fashion on the new album "Christmas in the heart". Today is the release date for Bob Dylan's latest album, so I called into the music shop in the Burwood Westfield to get a copy, casually enquiring if anyone else had bought a copy there today. No, I was the first. Having heard the album through, I was put in mind of the new generation of animated children's movies such as "Shrek" and "Finding Nemo", and I thought how well Dylan's voice might fit an elderly animated walrus, singing Christmas tunes to himself on an ice flow. This album sadly doesn't have the extraordinary complementarity of the "All the tired horses" et al songs, but represents shallow and commercial Christmas culture. Still, who would ever have thought that we would hear Dylan singing in Latin!


Joe said...

I am sorry, but... aren't the words "Dylan" and "sings" antonyms?

Fr Richard Aladics said...

Yes - I think that is generally accepted.