Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Familiaris Consortio revisited 10

Men, paragraph 25.
In the family, men are called to live the gift of themselves as husbands and fathers. In his wife he sees the fulifilment of God's plan for him and he is called to respond with profound respect for her. He is called to live in a deep friendship with her, and to love her in a new way - the way in which Christ loves the Church.

Love for his wife, as mother of his children, and love for his children is the natural way in which a man finds fulfilment in his fatherhood.

Cultural and social attitudes can distract a father from his family and his involvement in the education of his children. These influences need to be controlled, and both individuals and society should be convinced of the unique and irreplaceable role of the father in the family.

Absent or oppressive fathers can create psychological and moral difficulties for all the other members of the family. But rather, every father is called to reveal and relive the Fatherhood of God by nurturing the hamonious and united development of his family, by exerecising generous responsibility to each successive new life concieved under the heart of his wife, by the personal care he has for his children's education, by his work and by his personal witness to Christ and the Church.

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