Tuesday, 16 June 2009

In print at last

Tomorrow, a book is to be published which contains a paper written by me. "A pure heart create for me" flows from the series of talks given last year at St Patrick's, Soho, to honour the fortieth anniversary of the visionary Encyclical "Humanae Vitae". My part in this series focussed on the media and media culture. It was a great joy for me to have been invited to give one of these talks in Soho, and especially as I was asked to speak on a favourite theme of mine - the media. "Humanae Vitae" speaks not only about the inner truth of marriage, but also presents the true mission of parenthood in the contemporary era, at the same time as serpentine secularism is presenting its own deadly message. The book is available from Family Publications. Happy reading.

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Kate said...

Congratulations on being published!
Just off to order my copy, it promises to be a great read, so I'm looking forward that.