Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sydney's annual Corpus Christi procession

Today, despite rain showers, at least five thousand people came into the city to walk with Christ in the Corpus Christi Procession. One of the auxiliary Bishops carried the Blessed Sacrament, followed by the other two auxiliary Bishops and the Cardinal. The Procession moved from St Patrick's church, built on the site of the house where the Blessed Sacrament was first consecrated in Australia at the beginning of the nineteenth century, to St Mary's Cathedral, where there was solemn Adoration, Sermon and Benediction. This public witness was of a kind which draws one to the Catholic Church - a humble and direct witness to the person of Christ alive in His Church, a real gesture of love for Him, and a clear manifestation of the reality of the Church. I haven't witnessed a public procession like this since my years in Spain.

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