Thursday, 18 June 2009

The love of the heart of Jesus

These words of St John Vianney by which he describes the Priesthood as "the love of the heart of Jesus" lead us, in a most beautiful way, to understand the very nature and being of the priest. Christ died on the Cross and He desired that His love be incarnate in the world through the humanity of those men with whom He shares His Priesthood. And, He died so that we could celebrate the Eucharist!
What a great grace is the Year of the Priest! What a great moment for the Church to be enlarged and enriched! What a visionary gift Benedict XVI gives to support the great Movement of the New Evangelisation which is gaining momentum within the Church, by seeking to uncover anew the beauty of the Priesthood! May this year bring about a renewal of the Priesthood in the Church and in the life of every priest.

In 1998 I first came across a book by Elizabeth Wang; it was a book about the Priesthood. In it was this image - a copy of one of her paintings. This image has remained in my mind and heart since then because, I think, it expresses so much of the beauty of the Priesthood. With thanks to her I include a copy of this image here. Image by Elizabeth Wang, copyright (c) Radiant Light 2009, Code: T-01584-OL, "When faithful priests enter heaven they are given a tremendous greeting and welcomed as 'other Christs'"

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