Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Pro-Life Lecture

The lecture with Fr John Fleming is almost upon us at Birmingham University. Please do come along if you are able, so that it can be seen that this is something we care about. If you need any details please do get in contact j.c.green@bham.ac.uk

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Anonymous said...

No doubt Fr Julian will give a good description of last nights lecture. I just wanted to say i really enjoyed the Rev Dr Flemings talk. The explanations were clear, although a lot of it was a bit intellectually beyond me.

He had a really engaging manner..& some of the questions raised were interesting..although the usual 'rape' question was raised as ever. His answers were worth pondering on.

It was nice to see so many students & the lecture hall practically full. my little boy Andrew jr, at 7 years old was probably the youngest in the audience. strangely i was reminded ofhis entrance into the world, not too far from the University, at the Women's Hospital.

An emergency arose during his delivery, with the cord prolapsing, & the crash team, flashing lights, & a few minutes from death as his oxygen supply was cut off. This is where we should applaud medical science, as an immediate C-section was performed, & he was born within minutes (after they knocked me out!). He arrived at 9lb & none the worse for wear.Thanks be to God.Now what if they said, oh he's not a baby yet, he's not born?

& what about when they perform surgery on babies in-utero? Why would you bother if they're not babies? Who decides?

There seem to be more questions than answers at present..but thanks to Rev Dr Fleming & Fr Julian Green we are moving towards some answers. God bless them both!