Wednesday, 14 February 2007

St Valentine part 2 - on a lighter note

On a lighter note indeed. Writing about St Valentine has brought to my mind - with a little chuckle - what happened last year, and I thought I would share it with you. It shows how St Valentine's day does rather get forgotten when you're a priest. Our good friend Fr Stephen Langridge was up at Maryvale convent giving a retreat to the good sisters of the Bridgettine Order. He called me and asked if we might meet up for a little dinner one evening. So I suggested the Tuesday of that week as it was quite free in my diary. So we met for an early dinner and decided to go for a simple steak at La Reserve in Sutton park, near to the convent. We arrived, thinking there would be no problem getting a table on a Tuesday evening at 6pm. We were quite surprised when we were asked to wait while they saw if there were a table free. We thought the steak must be good here if it's booked out on a Tuesday. It was only when we were shown to the table - having been asked that we be out within an hour and a half as there was another booking due in - that we realised why it was so fully booked. Imagine the scene if you will, two priests in clerical attire, one more portly than the other, sitting under inflated pink love hearts hastily eating a 10oz rib eye. It still makes me cringe/laugh. It must have been an interesting sight for the other 'couples' around the restaurant.

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