Saturday, 24 February 2007

Young people in the first place

In a Q&A session with priests of the Diocese of Rome, the Pope spoke about priests working with young people. At the moment it's just reported on ZENIT, and the full text isn't available, mainly because the Pope spoke off the cuff and they have to get a transcript sorted out. His main points were:
  • Young people must be a priority for priests, as they live in a world that is so remote from God.
  • Priests need to provide opportunities for young people to find the space to have an encounter with Christ.
  • Many young people see Jesus as merely a great prophet - but they need to be invited to encounter into the Mystery of Christ, and encounter the true God who is full of mercy.
On a more human level the Pope said that although he recognised that, for Christ, prayer at night was a necessary part of his life, for the Pope it is not possible as he likes to sleep at night. I know how he feels.

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