Thursday, 8 February 2007

Winter at last

I've been longing for some snow and here it is...the early morning view from Newman House. And then the mid-afternoon view of the Aston Webb building on the University campus. (Thanks to Miriam for the second photo - I nicked it from her Facebook profile.)


Anonymous said...

I like the photo--it's a calm wintry scene.

John Paul said...

Me too, very good...

Anonymous said...


That's 5 small children times 5 changes of clothing & a manic washing machine/tumble dryer! What did people do without the machines?

They've been in/out all day having a whale of a time in Brum's snow.
I saw the firefighters pushing cars up the road & one daughter is stuck on a bus from the City Centre. When i asked how far she'd got she said she was outside The Oratory! No better place to be stuck!

God bless,,

(missed Mass for the first time in months..not a nice feeling)