Thursday, 8 March 2007

Condom culture

Yesterday the UK Government published the Sexual Orientations Regulations; these will become law on 7th April 2007. From that time it will be illicit for any (religious) person to prejudice the provision of goods, services, premises, education and public functions to homosexual persons. It is yet to be seen what repercussions there will be.

Knowing that there will surely be repercussions for people of good faith puts us in mind of the Oath which was required of all persons in public office after the promulgation of the Act of Supremacy of 1534, which declared Henry VIII to be Head of the Church in England. On this matter both Cardinal John Fisher and Thomas More defaulted and were executed for High Treason.

In today's Mass the Parable of Dives and Lazarus is read. Christ rejects the rich man for his lack of compassion. Although he takes the side of the poor man he nevertheless makes reference to the poor man's desire for wealth. Christ, on the other hand, is the one who gave up all wealth in order to become poor so that he might lead us to true riches - the riches of His Father's love and mercy which are providentially given to all who hope and trust in the presence and the power of God. Christ's self-emptying was evident from the moment of his conception, but it was revealed in his utter dejection on the Cross. His self-effacing words in the parable of Dives and Lazarus challenge us to move beyond our own self-reliance and be open to the blessing of God.

Condom culture, since it's inception in the 1960s, has lead us to today's paganism. Whenever a condom is used, a person is really saying "I cannot rely on God to bless me, so I will try to bless myself." ("Trying to bless yourself" is a very good definition of paganism.) This culture is so widespread that we are just about all infected to some degree. We do not always trust that God will bless us, so we make a particular deal, we give ourselves a particular treat or we "get two for the price of one" and the Providential Love of God for us goes unrecognised.

The denial of difference bewteen the two sexes, which lies at the heart of homosexual culture, is the most agressive form that paganism takes today. If we cannot recognise the purpose for our being male and female, then we have already rejected the difference which exists between us and God. Condom culture has made homosexuality, which is a real phenomenon that should be considered with great care, into a totem of paganism.

My point is that Christ is calling us very loudly to live in the hope and the reality of God's blessings for all human lives. Will we take that "oath" or will we (be forced to) take a pagan oath of which the condom is the forerunner.


Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with what you say. To put it bluntly from the Catholic perspective, 'Who wants to go to bed with a condom?' Not me!

i really am going to write to our GP's. They are a lovely Christian practice, but everywhere you look, there are signs advertising, 'free condoms', & the little ones keep asking what they are..

They also run a board.'here to listen, not to tell' for young people. Yet i can't let the under 16's go to the dentist unaccompanied, & 18 at the dental hospital...some joke!

i have a brief description of my view of homosexuality on my blog..'Protect the little ones'

Thanks for such a detailed article...'St Thomas More & St John we come!'

God bless

pauper servus et humilis said...

Hello Fr Richard,
Thanks for a very thoughtful and brave article.
I am just a little surprised upon reading these words from you: "...Although he(the Christ) takes the side of the poor man he is nevertheless critical of the poor man's desire for wealth."
I read and re-read the parabole and tried to find where Our Lord was "critical" of Lazarus. Could you please shed some light upon it?
Thank you.

Fr Richard Aladics said...

I am perhaps being over judgemental in regard of Lazarus since Christ takes his side. I see Christ in this parable making us all aware of our attachment to weatlth. Those who have it and those we want it. In both instances there is a false attachment, but a greater responsibility for wealth lies with those who have it. Christ himself was utterly unattached to wealth and yet he is glorified beyond compare, and by His life and death both rich and poor stand in a new relationship to one another. Wealth is to be an agent or medium of solidarity.

John Paul said...

Excellent article Fr Richard. I have to say I've never given much thought about homosexuality being related to paganism, how could you really justify this to a man going to Mass, but who has homosexual tendencies? How does a parish priest help this person, or even approach them?

God bless.

Fr Richard Aladics said...

Homosexuality and paganism. Fallen human nature will either build the culture of death or enter into the Life of Grace so as to be rebuilt. Homosexual culture is the agressive form of paganism today (a consequence of condom culture), but the homosexual person, just like any other person, can choose friendship with Christ as the real alternative to the culture of death. First of all, I would say, it is the meaning of friendship itself which is at stake: that friendship is at root a God-given blessing to enrichen a person's life, and not a route to genital sexuality. Friendship with Christ is in fact the model of all friendships, and here we have a lot of ground to recover from homosexual culture which has monopolised friendship with the notion of genital expression.

Anonymous said...

As a lesbian, I'm a little confused as to the link between condoms, homosexuality and agressive paganism - I've never used one and never intend to.

Christ lover


Fr Richard Aladics said...

I aply the term "agressive paganism" to homosexuality in two senses:
1. That homosexual activity is linked to violence.
2. That homosexuality is pagan in its very nature, for in denying the difference between the sexes it denies God's plan for them. And, this form of paganism is one of the strongest forms of paganism in contemporary culture.
Condoms are linked to homosexuality because they both express the same attitude: "Keeping God out of my life and relationships."