Friday, 9 March 2007

Describing the New Evangelisation

During the Jubilee Year, the then Cardinal Ratzinger gave a superb address to Catechists, in which he described the nature of the New Evangelisation. Lest this great discourse be forgotten by our readers, I have placed a PDF file of this discourse on the Community of Grace website. You kind find it by visiting the "Holy Father" page on the site.
This teaching comes from the keen vision of one who the Holy Spirit was using very powerfully. And let us recall, that during the last part of the Twentieth Century, the two pricipal forerunners, architects, of the New Evangelisation were precisely John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger. And how wonderful that the Holy Spirit should have chosen Cardinal Ratzinger to lead the Church after John Paul II. We should follow his lead with great diligence.

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