Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Deploying the Gospel

Another grace-filled reunion: Catherine (ex Youth2000 Mission Team), her first visit to Our Lady Mother of Grace House, Niamh and Lanie (ex Youth2000 Formation Courses), spent part of yesterday in Huddersfield. Catherine (seated), having qualified, is now working as a nurse in Leeds. Niamh will graduate in medical studies this summer. Both, like so many others, are committed to expressing the Gospel of Life in the professional world of medicine. It is a great wonder to see God placing his agents in the field, and to see such joy in their lives. Our reunion too was an expression of the extraordianry gift of friendship with Christ.


Matt Doyle said...

I see some Y2K product placement there! Classic!

Fr Richard Aladics said...

We were trying to design a flyer at the time and were looking at images etc, and the cover of that book came into view.

Lanie said...

It was a great day Padre, thank you for having us!