Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Reparation in Spring

Monday was the Feast of the Annunciation, a great day to honour the Mother of God and a special day to make a pilgrimage. So, a pilrimage of reparation for the crime of abortion was organised by the "Leeds People for Life" and we went Walsingham with them. It was a special joy for me to take a small group from my parish and to join in the larger group from Leeds. Golden sunlight bathed our journey down and the day of the pilgrimage also.

Our Lady welcomed the pilgrims in her little Slipper Chapel and we walked to the village for Adoration and prayers of reparation in the newly built church.
Now, as before, what was an ordinary day for the world, was a special day for the Church and this ancient village saw a sizeable group of Catholics dedicating the whole day to the Blessed Mother. The new Catholic Church in Walsingham village was dedicated on the same day as the pilgrimage, and its modern studio-styled vaulting witnessed this act of reparation for abortion in the UK immediately following its consecration by the local Bishop. Prayers for Life on its first day as a new church - many more will follow.
Walsingham is England's Nazareth and, in consequence, a Shrine to the Holy Family; a powerful place in which to ask God to repair the damage done to humanity and the Church by abortion.


Anonymous said...

Gosh Fr.

'Modern style studio vaulting'..i don't know if that's my thing? Did you like it? Certainly those prayers sound wonderful..don't forget i'm used to the Oratory, so i fear the new Church you describe would be something of a culture shock. Without meaning to be critical it kind of looked like a gymnasium....just my thoughts..

Fr Richard Aladics said...

No, I'm not hugely keen on it. It's alright, but it's not a new evangelisation church.

John Paul said...

Christ away to the side again! Hardly a position of Honor. Could (with a few tweeks) be improved.