Saturday, 14 June 2008

Pam in Leeds

Apologies for the short blog-gap; this past week has been an apostolic one - doing caetchist training in London, holding a culture of life film night with the Friars in Canning Town, and then cheffing for 80 at the Brum Uni CathSoc annual dinner.
However, during the previous week Pam Stenzel gave the "Sex has a price tag" talk at Trinity and All Saints Colleges" in Leeds. The talk, which was essentially giving the truth about the consequences of sexual intercourse outside marriage - facts which our culture witholds from us, was a real breakthrough into a culture where there is a silent monopolisation by falsehood. This was the first public talk concerning the subject of sex education, in its widest sense, that has taken place in the Leeds Diocese during my lifetime. It was interesting to note that Pam also gave her talk in two High Schools in the city of Leeds during her visit - both of them State schools.
The sixty or so people who came from across the north for her "Trinity and All Saints" talk were very enthused; it is hoped that Pam will return to speak in Catholic High Schools in the Diocese too!
Special thanks to Christine who was at the heart of organising Pam's visit to Leeds.


miss book said...

How wonderful that the truth about extra -marital sex is being spoken. We are all sick and tired of value- free non-judgemental secularist sex-ed, especially when it is being visited upon increasingly younger age groups.
Thank God for Pam, and others like her.

John Paul said...

It's interesting this; in Scotland the bishops have produced a new thing called 'called to Love' which is a new approach to religious education. It's completely rubbish, and stays clear of any religious symbols instead replacing these with symbols which are actually quite patronising i.e. kids on skateboards. A friend of mines at the 'called to love' initial proposal had to intervene and the priest was saying how the program will encourage abstinence; my friend had to say that it was wrong to encourage absinence as opposed to chastity which is completely different concept... It would be interesting to get your thoughts father.