Saturday, 14 June 2008

A worthy memorial

Fr Tim Finegan has posted recently on the site of the Tyburn in London near Marble Arch. The memorial, in a traffic island, is very simple and not at all evident to passers by. The traffic island is presently being refashioned and we wait to see how the new site will appear. In York, however, the site of the Tyburn at the side of the Knavesmire has long since had a worthy memorial. It was here that I offered Mass on Pentecost Sunday for good of our country in the face of the HFE Bill.

There are, of course, many other Tyburns throughout the country where the Martyrs were executed, and most are without memorial - Chester, Wrexham, Lancaster, Derby, Norwich and others. Perhaps we should do something about this, including offering Masses on these sites for the overturning of all Laws which are against life.

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