Thursday, 7 December 2006

A Feast of great light.

On the eve of the great Feast of the Blessed Mother we could ask ourslves, what can we give her?
An answer to this question may not come to us easily. Our culture and our society have been pouring water on the Gospel for centuries and we scarcely think of this land as her Dowry, the Dowry of Mary. But it is.
A dowry is a gift which a father makes to his daughter so that she is in a better position to be married. Why is a dowry given? Because a wedding is near.
England then, has a very special part to play in God's plan and, tomorrow's feast of the Blessed Mother should be a cause and an expression of great hope. What can we give her? We can give her the renewed decision to live by hope, by her light and to disentangle ourselves from the culture of death in whatever way it has dimmed our lives and our vision.
Tomorrow, let's consecrate this land to her again - she's a twelve-star general - the only one I know. Fr Richard

Here is a link to an excellent article about The Dowry of Mary written by Fr Peter Bristow:

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