Saturday, 9 December 2006

A flying visit.

Just setting off after after establishing this Blog as a dual project, Fr Julian has already let you know that there are some spaces on the Friends of Christ retreat for young men in two weeks time.
Full details of the retreat can be found by visiting
I have just revamped this website with a new streamlined approach. Let me know if you find any anomalies on it. Fr Richard


DARREN said...

alrite fr richard. daniel from sheepridge here..just cheked out the friendswidchrist page u done..
Ive never used blogs or sent them b4.. so dont know if this will get 2 u..anyhows fr im chekin out the site.. daniel

DARREN said...

think blog(or mess i sent worked) ignore the name darren(its daniel)
pretty gud site father. anyhows im ok n all n hope u r 2