Saturday, 23 December 2006

Give your computer a heart

I really like this as a wallpaper for my desktop, and thought I'd share it with you:

If you want to use it just right click it and save it, and then go to control panel on the start menu, choose display and set it as your wallpaper.

It originates from the website of the Centro de Espiritualidad of the Archdiocese of Valladolid. The centre there is a great centre of the New Evangelisation in that city. When I was a seminarian I used to go for spiritual direction, courses, retreats etc there. Loads of young people went and still go. The priest who directs it is Fr Francisco (Paco) Cerro Chaves and is a great priest - he seems to have time to do so much work! There is a lay community of women there who are great and who help to run the retreat house. The highlight of the week there is the Thursday evening Holy Hour in the Basilica next door, dedicated to the Sacred Heart. It is full of young people from the University who go there after lectures. The spirituality of the Centre is centred on discovering the Heart of Jesus, and entering into friendship with Christ. It is where I learnt alot of what I put into practice now, and was the first place I ever heard of such great things as the Theology of the Body.

Maybe we need somewhere like that in the centre of one of our large cities in England.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Father Julian.

Fr Stephen said...

We certainly do need a centre like that over here - a place where young people can come and pray.
Some other interesting things about that building: it was a Jesuit foundation but when the Jesuits were supressed it became the Scots College in Valladolid. The diocese took it over when the Scots left for Salamanca. The reason for the devotion to the Sacred Heart there is because it's where one of the Jesuit community received a vision of the Sacred Heart with the words: Reinare en Espana - I will reign in Spain!

Fr Julian Green said...

Indeed - Fr Bernard de Hoyos was the visionary - don't know if he's beatified yet. The full text is "I will reign in Spain more than in any other country". A bit partisan - but no more than calling England the Dowry of Mary I suppose.

John Paul said...

How about Scotland? We need this too.