Saturday, 2 December 2006

The message of the mass media

Have you noticed the effect which the mass media has on the message of the Church? The Gospel is not coming through the media clearly. Very often, as in the case of the "Regensburg Discourse" of the Holy Father, the media makes us feel that the message of the Church is wrong.

Obvioulsy, both the Church and the media are coming from differing perspectives: the perspective of the Church is the Gospel, the perspective of the media is the secular point of view. However, at present the media does not mediate the message of the Church, which it fails to understand, but rather the dynamic of its own understanding of an event.

The media has not been formed by truth and what we are experiencing is the awkward relationship between the Church and the mass media. This relationship is still developing, but I think that it is a realtionship which will be lead by the Church, because ultimately, she has more insight. We dont want a situation where the media is roving somewhat pointlessly round the solidly grounded Church, always on the outside, without ever getting closer to the truth. How can we help to form a better relationship between the Church and the media?
Fr Richard


1dayin7 said...

I suppose we have already made a start with Blogs such as these...

...however, there is a flipside, I think: we as the Church need to speak the language of the world we live in; we need "aggiornamento" equally as much as "ressourcement", so that our faith carries on the tradition as a living process - a life - rather than just a museum piece.

The way this happens for me is my belonging to the ecclesial movement CL, but I beleive with prayer and fidelity to our experience, it can happen for us all.

fr richard said...

I agree with "one day in seven". Have you been reading St Vincent Lerins? He said as much too. What you are announcing in the New Evangelisation - brinmging Christ to the actual experience of people, rather than anticipating them notionally. Fr Richard