Thursday, 21 December 2006

First FWC Retreat

Friends With Christ created the opportunity for the pondering of uncomplex faith issues and thinking of deep thoughts that allowed us to meditate upon what it means to have a relationship with Christ. The spirit of peace and fellowship flowed throughout the retreat creating an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere, especially during the shared meals, allowing for a very enjoyable time all round - Patrick :)
Friendship with Christ is exactly that--developing a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. The sessions are very practical to our lives in the world. The retreats are a wonderful opportunity to meet Jesus in each other, but most powerfully in the Blessed Sacrament; and to go back out into the world wearing the armour of Christ, proclaiming the Faith of the Church in the Friendship of Christ. --John
Friendship with Christ helps focus our attention on what really matters - loving the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind, and loving one another as Jesus loves us. These fews days here have encouraged me to want to build up my own parish community, and I now feel strengthened in my faith to share the Gospel at a new level through weekly bible studies and prayer evenings with the Rosary and Eucharist Adoration. Unless we share our faith as a community we will never fully appreciation what it means to be a lamp in a dark world. Jesus as the bread of life, never calls us to be alone, but always to share just as he did at the last supper.
John H.
This retreat begins right after my autumn term. During these four days, there wasn't a single concern about assignments, future uncertainties, or anything that bothered me. Each moment spent happened naturally, peacefully. The retreat had been helpful in relaxing myself, bringing my being back into its orginal state, where ego and self-importance have no place. In this house of our Mother, my meditation on the Words of Christ had not only deepened in my heart, but always grown the meaning of His Love in my heart... It had been like a pit-stop in my study life and earthly concerns. It had recharged me, spiritually, and stimulated the growth of faith in me... And its effects echo on...
Thank you Father Richard and Father Julian for all the love and care, guidance and sharing, and this opportunity to be closer with Christ. Thank you Peter, John H., John Browne, Patrick for your friendship and sharing in this warm and relaxing retreat.
I, Peter L Jones was on the friends of Christ retreat. Though the title had concerning undertones, the characters at the helm of this operation did not. Indeed i was most impressed by Messieurs Fr Julian and Fr Richard, their formula and content shone by virtue of its simplicity and tradition. I found myself readdressing founding matters of the faith, opening myself to change so that they might guide me more to Christ's way in today's world. Most notably i enjoyed the introduction to battling sin by way of listening to our human design.
Go the next one! 'am tellin' ya'!

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