Wednesday, 6 December 2006

A new centre of life?

This is the former Marie Stopes Clinic on Queens Square near the centre of Leeds. Until recently is was the main abortion centre from the region. Now it is vacant and its future is uncertain. However, it would be just the place to use as a centre of life and evangelisation, not only to make reparation for all the lives which were taken during its time as an abortuary, but to use it as a centre for proclaiming Christ. Please pray about this premise and, if you have any ideas which might support its becoming a centre for evangelisation - get in touch! Fr R.

The Marie Stopes Clinic has new, larger, premises nearby on Barrack Road in Leeds. This is now the place, outside of which, prayer vigils are held each week.


Fr Tim Finigan said...

Hi, Father. Just found your blog via Matt Doyle's. Excellent post - I hope there is some rich Catholic who wants to get to heaven more easily - this would be a good opportunity for them!

Paulinus said...

Queen's Square is a beautiful part of Leeds - unspoiled and now cleared of this awful place. It would be great if you could get this building.

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Matt Doyle said...

Will keep you in our prayers. What an antidote to the culture of death!