Thursday, 18 January 2007

Let the graces flow!

Evangelisation today requires that the basic structure of the human person be researched so that the we can re-discover that there is a unique relationship us and the person and message of Jesus Christ. In other words we need to truly understand ourselves. We need a true anthropology. John Paul II gave us the "Theology of the Body", which is much more than a teaching schedule on sexuality - it is essentially a tool of evangelisation.
Contemporary culture is attacking sexuality at the level of anthroplogy. It says, let us have freedom of sexuality, let us have freedom from sexuality!

In the Theology of the Body John Paul II has re-written anthropology at a much deeper level than the contemporary culture's destructive tamperings. Ultimately, the Theology of the Body not only shows up the inadequacy of the contemporary secular/pagan view of humanity, but it describes practically how Christ reveals man to man.

There is an International event coming up. Visit . You may not be able to participate in this event, but you can always receive its insights by osmosis.

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