Friday, 12 January 2007

What a Festival it has been!

I'm back! After four, virtually back-to-back, retreats for young people since the week before Christmas. This photo was taken this morning outside Ampleforth Abbey at the end of the Soho St Patrick's Evangelisation School Retreat. There are eleven young people in the group who have begun the New Year seeking to love God. The New Evangelisation is gaining ground! You can find out more about the school here.
Never before have I had such a blessing like this at Christmas time - to be involved in the lives of so many young people and their preparation for the era that is just beginning. And, do you know, it is so easy because the Holy Spirit is leading us every step of the way.
What a grace-filled Festival it has been for me. I am very grateful to all the young people who I have encountered, prayed with and guided since mid-December. You know how to take hold of your friendship with Christ, you know how to draw upon the friendship which Christ has with a priest, and you know how to encourage priests in the New Evangelisation. Thank you.

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