Thursday, 25 January 2007

Real life in the new evangelisation.

A group of young people who’ve struggled with the same decisions we all face on how to live our sexuality in a culture that tells us that, “anything goes” have put together a day’s conference in February...Do you…Want sensible answers to real life problems? Think the Catholic Church’s teaching about sex is stupid and wildly outdated? Convinced nobody in their right mind actually practices what the Church teaches? Considering becoming a Catholic but this area of life appears to be an obstacle? Stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere or somehow just lost your way? Are you a non-Catholic asking why do Catholics say “that”? Feeling unprepared despite a Catholic upbringing for modern day sexual moral dilemmas? A young parent or teacher looking for a method to communicate the good news about sex? If so, this conference is for you… This Conference Will...• Have a practical focus on the most challenging aspects of the Church’s teaching that confront young people• Have straightforward explanations -no previous knowledge assumed• Explore how all of this teaching about sex and relationships ties in with the God of infinite love• Include down-to-earth communicators and no complex religious language• Feature young Catholics sharing their sensible reasons for saying yes to the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Church He founded. Topics to be Explored Sex Before Marriage• OK, maybe sleeping around isn’t good, but is all sex before marriage wrong?• The language of sex – what should sex ‘say’? What’s so special about marriage anyway?• Is it possible to fancy each other and not get too physical?• How far is too far?• Blob of jelly or unborn child?!• How abortion hurts women• What’s the big deal with contraception?• Natural Family Planning: What is it? Does it work? Homosexuality• Isn’t sexual preference a private issue?• If two people love each other, isn’t that all that counts?• Are condoms OK in HIV prevention? The speakers are all young committed Catholics who are living in the real world. ‘The Church’s teaching is a goldmine; getting into it has radically changed how I experience and appreciate my sexuality.'
When & Where? Saturday 24th February 2007, Westminster Cathedral Hall, Ambrosden AvenueLondon SW1P 1QH. 5 minutes walk from Victoria Tube and Railway Station, The Conference costs just £5 which includes lunch and refreshments. To register please contact Dr Charlie O’Donnell on 020 8491 6510 (evenings only) or with any questions.

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