Friday, 12 January 2007

Umbert the Unborn

Some people accuse pro-lifers of lacking a sense of humour. Well that's all ended now. New from the culture of life from the States is Umbert the Unborn, a comic strip character that's yet to see the light of day outside his mother's womb. If you want to see Umbert each day then go to the Umbert link on the homepage of - there's a new cartoon each day. Umbert now has his own book - "A Womb with a View". Could be just the gift for friends who are not yet convinced of the pro-life Gospel. Umbert even has his own website - though there's not much there - - unless you want to publish his cartoons in a newsletter at a price ($60 to be precise). I love the cartoon that's on the webpage. I couldn't copy it but the narrative goes like this: "Who says I'm not viable? What, because I'm dependent on my parents for everything? Because I can't live outside the womb on my own? By that standard, I won't be viable 'til after College."

PS It's good to have Fr Richard back and in full flow. I can put my blogging feet up for a few days. As if...

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