Sunday, 7 January 2007

The second FWC Retreat

“The ‘Friends with Christ’ retreat has been an awesome experience. I feel as though I have really developed my relationship with Jesus and trust in his love that he has for me. On top of this, I also had the opportunity to spend time with close friends and taste what has to be the most exquisite and ‘unctuous’ food I have ever tasted. Courtesy of Fr Richard of course. I definitely recommend it” (Rachel Moran)

“An opportunity to enter into a more personal friendship with Christ- something that is fundamental to any young person seeking true faith. I encourage everyone who is able to do their best to participate in the next one!” (Hermione Fawcett)

“It’s been wonderful staying in this peaceful place with Jesus’ true presence surrounding us. The small scale of this retreat has allowed for greater concentration and focus on the mysteries in which we have been ensconced.” (Chloe Fawcett)

“This retreat has been a new and refreshing experience. It has been a marvellous opportunity to spend time with Jesus and to meet with some lovely new and familiar friends. Fr Richard and Fr Julian have been friendly, welcoming and the food and house
are life enhancing and lugubrious. The talks have been helpful and filled with advice and some time of experience for friendship with our Lord and friend, Jesus.”(Alanna Cheshire)

“The grace has flowed like water dripping into us and it has been a great delight to be here and share time with the Boss well renowned Padres of the new evangelisation. If you want to be a friend of Jesus, here we learnt together, So COME and take part yourself and receive his invitation to love him and give him your life! We have been fed in body, soul and mind!” (Holy Granny)

“I believe having the opportunity to participate in a retreat like this is truly a blessing. Having such a small group really enables one to be able to focus on the topic of the retreat ‘Friendship with Christ’, we have been able to spend time with Jesus Christ, entering into a deeper relationship with Him. I would strongly urge anyone thinking of attending one of these retreats in the future to do it. Come with an open heart and the grace’s will pour.” (Lanie Hallett)

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oh this pic is nice *g* hi alanna! hope it was a great weekend! I m looking forward to June *g* X Katharina