Thursday 27 February 2020

Catholic History Walk at Padley.

This coming Saturday we have the Catholic History Walk. However, because the weather forecast is promising a lot of rain I have changed the plan somewhat.
We will celebrate Mass at the Padley Chapel at around 11am, instead of making the walk to Hathersage and back.
Following the Mass we could have lunch in a local pub.
So, please do come for 11am and park near Grindleford train station. Postcode S32 2HY.

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Remember the date

The meeting the Regina Caeli initiative is this coming Saturday.

Thursday 6 February 2020

A second Catholic History walk.

The walk is scheduled for Saturday 29th February 2020 and will visit the Padley Chapel and Hathersage in Derbyshire. For information on the Padley Chapel.
We will meet at Grindleford train station at around 10.30am. There is parking room on the  lane down to the train station. From there the Padley Chapel is only a few minutes walk away. I have arranged with some of the chapel's guardians for us to visit inside.
We will pray for our country using the prayers of the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom.
From there we will set off walking to Hathersage, a three mile walk. So, in all, the walk is six miles. The walk is on the flat, fairly easy, and only a part is on a road. Please wear outdoor shoes.
We can have lunch in Hathersage. There are a number of pubs and cafes. We can also visit Little John's grave. Although we walk back to the Padley Chapel, it is by a different path.
We could envisage being back at Grindleford station at around 3.30pm