Wednesday 25 August 2021

A month of families.


What a wonderful month August has been for me, a month of accompanying families.
At the start of the month, I was part of a young family camp in north Devon, where we even started each day with the celebration of the old Mass.
Following this, I was part of a different and larger group of young families, doing a camp in Keswick. The above photo was taken on Walla Crag, with Derwent Water down below. This camp brought together families from all over the UK and established some truly apostolic connections.
Following this, I accompanied another group of young families on a part of the St Edmund's Way in Suffolk, where again we were able to start the day with the old Mass.
Finally last week, I led a group of young families on a pilgrimage day to the shrines of Our Lady and St Joseph in the Goyt Valley. 
I would never want to miss these irreplaceable opportunities!