Tuesday, 14 August 2007

A feast of Grace

We've got a 12-Star General. She's leading us into Eternity!
Her story, which has been 'gathered' by the Church is extraordinary. We hear about so many people, in magazines, on the radio, on the television, who have absolutely nothing to tell us. Very occasionally we hear a person speaking to us (in the media) who shines a ray of light, this rare ocurrance is a great blessing.
But this person is quite different from the mindless mass-media "personality"; her life is utterly informed and transformed by grace. She can tell us about the whole of her life, about the meaning of the most simple event in her life. She introduces us to the whole panarama of life. Her story is the most accesible story, because it is cherished and preserved by God himself, and because she is our Mother.
She is the first, among many (saints), who can tell us the truth!

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Lovely photo & reflection...