Monday, 15 October 2007

Sixteenth Century chavscum

New exposure to the Tudor dynasty will be taking us by storm soon with the TV series "The Tudors" and the feature film "Elizabeth: the Golden Age". Henry VIII, the original british thug and his illegitimate and sinsiter daughter, Elizabeth, are going be presented to us again as models of humanity. I look forward to how both these productions will throw into relief the Civilisation of Love and the Culture of Life.
However, we will still have to cope with the contemporary phenomenon of how the media projects today's personality and psychology onto a past age. Historic and period productions used to present past personalities as different to us - which they were. Present day personality and psychology which is so weakly Christian and so strongly bewildered cannot really be the measure of human identity - nor can that of the Tudors.


Unknown said...

The first instalment of The Tudors lasted about 4 minutes in this house before I realised it wasn't suitable for human consumption. Also, children are exposed to entirely unsuitable programmes regularly - just this afternoon, at tea-time, Paul O'Grady was interviewing Jackie Collins about her latest sex-ridden book. Time to get out the letter-writing kit, I think.

bernadette said...

I thought you`d been radical and ditched the telly. (Jan 19th post).
The trails for The Tudors look like an Elizabethan soft porn film. I don`t fink the director was aiming to bring us the finer points of a Christian psyche in this pile of horse manure.

Fr Richard Aladics said...

I don't have telly, but I am aware of some of its output.