Tuesday 3 March 2009

Will he come?

I have indicated before, on this Blog, my sense that the Church in the UK needs help from outside. The possibility of a visit by Pope Benedict XVI - the second great architect of the New Evangelisation - would be a such an enormous grace for the Church in those countries. Now that there are real suggestions being made that he be invited to visit England and Scotland, we should make this a prayer intention filled out by sacrifices. Bishop O'Donoghue has given us the first basis of a vision for the Church, but Benedict XVI, who is more foresighted than any other, and who knows the needs of the Church in the UK, could lead it on to the the next stage, of embracing the New Evangelisation wholeheartedly, and help it put in place all those things which are now necessary for its upbuilding. But first we need the vision, and we should ask God to bestow the vision for the New Evangelisation in the UK personally through His servant Benedict XVI.

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Anonymous said...

I hope he will!

There was a great impact (before and after his visit) upon young people and saw increased involvement with the church movements and mass attendence in '82.

Could such a visit revive us and, perhaps, boost vocations too?

I would hope so!