Thursday 10 September 2009

Demographic Bomb

Recently I watched the sequel to the film "Demograhic Winter". This second film "Demograhic Bomb" charters statistically the projected slow death of a civilisation becuase of its low birth rates. It is a well made "wake up call" type documentary. At one point in the film a commentator describes how large families are viewed by some who advocate low birth rates (for instance, the United Nations): "Having five children is morally equivalent to robbing a bank!"

These films are good in that they expose the changing and prejudicial situation which is developing in Western countries becuase of low birth rates, and because they put anti-life paradigms into relief enabling us to see them with greater clarity. However, one detects a rather neurotic attitude which typically accompanies statistical presentations about human destiny.

I would certainly recommend watching this film, but as you watch it to keep in mind how different and how liberating and how much better is the Gospel in its approach to the human condition.

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