Sunday, 24 June 2012

The renewing event

Recently the Sandro Magister Blog had a post on the Hidden Treasure of Pope Benedict, in which he pasted links to all the homilies of Pope Benedict on the subject of Baptism, and he spoke of how these homilies rank alongside some of the homilies of the early Fathers. They do; there are fifteen such homilies. Here is the link to this post.
Baptism is the hinge of the Life of Grace and, in my experience at least, our appreciation of and vision of the difference that Christ makes is often unspoken. Yet our Christian lives are set in relief when we appreciate the world from where we all came, and the world into which Christ has introduced us; the life that we used to live and the life that we live in Him; the secular and the fallen, and in Him, grace and truth. We could spend much time digesting these homilies of our Holy Father in order to develop our apprectaion of Baptism, the way in which we lead people to it, and the way in which we nake it our foundation in life.
Many thanks to Sandro Magister for collating all these homilies and bringing them to our attention. 

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berenike said...

You might well like the unpromisingly-titled The Spirit of Solesms - it would be much better called "Life in the Spirit" or "The Life of the Soul in Christ" or "Baptismal Life" or ...(something along those lines). Seems to be out of print, but there are second-hand copies kicking around.